How to Choose a Tree that is Just the Right Size

Make sure to choose a tree that is the right size compared to your home and other landscaping. Thinking of adding a tree to your landscape? There are many advantages to having a tree near your home: enjoying increased shade, paying lower energy bills, creating a sound barrier, providing a natural habitat for [...]

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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

With less than two weeks until spring, there are many quick and easy tasks you can do to ensure your lawn is ready for the warmer weather.  We have provided a handful of tips that take only a few moments, and if you need additional assistance, we are here to help! […]

Spruce Tree Disease and Remedies

Spruces trees can be found all throughout the Maryland region. They are widely known for their vibrant color and ability to provide an incredible natural barrier. "Your Spruce Tree is Dead" However, there has been an increase in fungal diseases among spruce trees. There are many reasons why this can take place, from needle casting, [...]

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Fall Tree Planting Guide

Want to go for bright and beautiful fall colors? A sugar maple has fiery red and orange leaves in the fall. Fall is undoubtedly tree season. There is nothing quite like wandering down a country lane in autumn and looking at the beauty of all of the leaves. Did you know, however, that [...]

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Energy-Efficient Tips for Your Landscaping

While there are many things you can do to keep the inside of your home energy-efficient, did you know there are also many simple tips that can be done for the outside of your home as well? Here are a few fun facts and tips that can help with your yard that will not only [...]

Landscaping With Trees For Arbor Day

Arbor Day is the best time to landscape with trees. Arbor Day is here! There’s no better time than now to plant some trees in your yard and start landscaping with trees. There are a ton of options, but regardless of whether you want tall trees or short trees, or even flowering trees, [...]

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Common Landscaping Mistakes in Maryland

With so many online guides to landscaping, it’s no wonder that people often find themselves confused, or committing errors. It’s hard to know if your source is reputable, and often advice that works for one person’s yard may not work for another’s.  Rather than offer specific advice that may not work for you,  Rhine Landscaping [...]

The Most Common Winter Tree Issues

It’s winter and that means it’s time to consider what the season can do to your precious trees. Now that winter is in full-force, it’s the time to keep your eyes peeled for potential damage to the trees in your yard. While most trees seem to have no problem in the winter, there [...]

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When to Do Your Tree Planting in Maryland

When it comes to landscaping in Maryland, one of the most frequently debated topics is tree planting. Specifically, when, where, and how it should be done. It’s easy to understand why, trees can be some of the most expensive and enduring plants in a landscape and homeowners want to make sure their investment pays off. [...]

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