Rhine’s Guide: Year-Round Pool Maintenance

Rhine's Pool School: Your Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance Ensuring the longevity and optimal function of your custom in-ground pool requires consistent and effective maintenance. Rhine Pools is dedicated to helping you understand and implement these practices, making pool ownership a breeze. Understanding Pool Maintenance Your swimming pool is a complex system that requires regular [...]

Comprehensive Guide to In-Ground Swimming Pool Care for Howard County Homeowners

Essential Swimming Pool Care Tips for a Safe and Healthy Pool 1. Regular Pool Cleaning and Skimming Cleaning your pool is crucial for maintaining its appearance and preventing the growth of algae and bacteria. It includes skimming the surface to remove leaves and debris, brushing the pool walls and floor, and vacuuming to eliminate dirt. [...]

Getting Your Swimming Pool Ready for Spring: Essential Duties for Pool Owners

Getting Your Swimming Pool Ready for Spring: Essential Duties for Pool Owners If you're a swimming pool owner, then you know that the arrival of spring is an exciting time. It means that it's time to get your pool ready for the new season of swimming and relaxation. However, opening your pool for the spring [...]

Landscape Ideas for Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Landscaping Design Ideas A swimming pool is a significant investment that requires a lot of planning, particularly with the design plan.  The most important element of the entire design and build phase is actually a correct, functional, proper design.  Our in-house design architects ensure all of the details, not just with a swimming pool, [...]

Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool – Part I

Can you believe that summer has ended already? Having had many months of great outdoor weather, ideal for enjoying your swimming pool, it will soon be time to close your pool until next season. Here are some steps at ensuring you properly close your swimming pool. Doing so will help maintain the pool integrity, longevity, [...]

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How to Prime Your Swimming Pool

Priming a pool is the process of removing the air pockets trapped within the pump lines and replacing them with water. It’s a vital step in caring for your pool and only takes a short amount of time. […]

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Swimming Pool Design in Howard County

Located in a private community in Howard County, these homeowners wanted a backyard master plan that allowed them to have a wide open space for their friends and family, no matter the age. Our Rhine designers and architects skillfully created a plan that would encompass an incredible outdoor living space. Rhine installed a nearly 900 [...]

Benefits of an Electric Swimming Pool Heater

Also known as a heat pump, electric pool heaters are among the most popular devices used for keeping swimming pools warm no matter the time of year. Water-Source Heaters A water-source heater transfers the heat from the water to the pool, which is entirely independent of the surrounding air temperature. These types of heaters are [...]

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Why Fall Season is a Great Time to Plan A Swimming Pool Project

As the colder season nears, you may already be pondering about the warmer months and enjoying the spring and summer seasons.   It may seem like a long time away, but if you are thinking about installing a custom pool in Maryland, now is a great time to begin the planning process! Learn more about why [...]

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Swimming Pool Design Recommendations

You want a backyard swimming pool.  You’d like a huge pool that will accommodate your family and a dozen friends.  How about a waterfall feature and a dive rock?  Now, let’s not forget a sunken kitchen or swim-up bar.  There are so many amazing options available but you need to consider many important steps while [...]

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