Landscaping Design Plans Promotion

Are you considering a new landscaping for your home?  Have you been debating on a new construction project, like a new hardscape patio, fireplace, or perhaps a swimming pool? For this month, we not only have a new commercial, but we are offering 50% off ALL Design Plans!  Why is a Design Plan important to [...]

Benefits of adding a Waterfall to your swimming pool

Are swimming pool waterfalls a good idea?   Absolutely! Not only do they look great and create a gorgeous aesthetic visual appeal, but pool waterfalls can actually help with temperature regulation due to the constant movement of the water. More oxygen is created which helps keep the average water temperature cooler than if the water [...]

Landscape Ideas for Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Landscaping Design Ideas A swimming pool is a significant investment that requires a lot of planning, particularly with the design plan.  The most important element of the entire design and build phase is actually a correct, functional, proper design.  Our in-house design architects ensure all of the details, not just with a swimming pool, [...]

Poolscaping 101: Knowing the Different Types of Pools :: Pool Design

Step 1: Make the decision to invest in a swimming pool. Step 2: Choose the type of swimming pool. And with cement pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools, you have a tough choice ahead of you. Deciding on which material is best for you requires the examination of several factors, such as your budget, pool [...]

Swimming Pool Design in Howard County

Located in a private community in Howard County, these homeowners wanted a backyard master plan that allowed them to have a wide open space for their friends and family, no matter the age. Our Rhine designers and architects skillfully created a plan that would encompass an incredible outdoor living space. Rhine installed a nearly 900 [...]

Howard County Inground Concrete Swimming Pools

Rhine Pools, an entity of Rhine Landscaping, is the leading Swimming Pool Builder in Howard County.  With complimenting services including Landscaping and Construction, we are a true, single-source provider.  Fully licensed and insured, Rhine Pools has the in-house design and management staff to oversee all of our projects from first inception to the completion [...]

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I have a great pool design! Will it fit in my backyard?

You’ve got the perfect house already, but does it have enough room for a pool? You’ve bought the perfect home. The nice big stainless steel kitchen, spacious bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms. It’s not until you move in and begin to get settled that you realize–something is missing, something you never really knew you wanted [...]

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Why Fall Season is a Great Time to Plan A Swimming Pool Project

As the colder season nears, you may already be pondering about the warmer months and enjoying the spring and summer seasons.   It may seem like a long time away, but if you are thinking about installing a custom pool in Maryland, now is a great time to begin the planning process! Learn more about why [...]

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