Patio and Hardscaping Care for Homeowners after Getting a New Patio Install

rhine howard county patio builder contractor Proper Patio and Hardscaping Care for Homeowners after Getting a New Patio Install If you’ve recently installed a new patio, you know how beautiful and functional it can be. Patios are great for outdoor entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the beauty of nature. However, to keep your new [...]

Why We Love Outdoor Fireplaces

As the sun goes down, it doesn't mean you must go into your house.  Enjoy the outdoors at night and throughout the year, with a custom stone fireplace or fire pit. The crackling sound of the burning wood, the warmth of the flame, the glow from the light, all create a fantastic ambiance to your [...]

Howard County Patio Builder

Patios / Walkways Rhine Landscaping provides homeowners with custom hardscape patios, walking paths, and many other stone or masonry-built outdoor projects. From simple walkways and patios to very elaborate terraced multi-level patio systems, we’ve done it all! Our Landscape Architects and designers can help you determine the correct walk flow for your walkway. Multi-level patio spaces can [...]

How to Enjoy Outdoor Living

The warmer season inherently makes people happy and excited.  Longer days, warmer days, and the ability to enjoy your time outside. Having an outdoor living space helps homeowners enjoy their backyards even more.  Whether you have a new landscaping, flower garden or plant bed, with a bench to sit and watch the birds, or perhaps [...]

Patio Installation in Maryland: Designing a Functional Hardscape

“Patio,” comes from the Spanish word of the same spelling, meaning backyard or garden, and is considered to be an outdoor living space meant to optimize areas for dining, entertaining, and relaxation. Generally a paved or stone area between a house and its garden, patios can be covered or uncovered and are constructed of materials [...]

5 Ways To Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is easier than you think! There is something about a gorgeous and inviting outdoor space that makes everyone enjoy outdoor living just a little bit more. In fact, creating the perfect outdoor escape allows you to enjoy all the perks that come with outdoor living. Here are just [...]

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Pavers vs Stamped Concrete for Your Sykesville Patio

When people are getting ready to build patios in Maryland, we hear the following question a lot: which is better, pavers or stamped concrete? While we’ll agree that there are pros and cons to both types of paver materials, we personally believe in pavers as the superior product. We prefer to use natural stone material [...]

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Enhance Your Property With A PVC Deck

Discover the benefits of a pvc deck. Summer is getting closer and closer which means pool season will be here before you know it.  Once summer arrives, you want to have a backyard and landscape that entices guests.  One of the best additions to your property is a deck, which is a specialty [...]

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Landscaping Company Questions to Ask

When interviewing landscaping companies for your projects, it is so important to find out vital information on the business, their staff, how they operate, and what they will do for you.  Customer service is so important, even over the “how much do you charge”, as it all joins together in the solidification of a business [...]

Swimming Pool Design in Howard County

Located in a private community in Howard County, these homeowners wanted a backyard master plan that allowed them to have a wide open space for their friends and family, no matter the age. Our Rhine designers and architects skillfully created a plan that would encompass an incredible outdoor living space. Rhine installed a nearly 900 [...]

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