Tips for Overwintering Delicate Plants

It might sound radical and like the last thing you would want to do to your plants, but overwintering is a great way to put your delicate plants through the winter without, well, putting them through the winter! Here are some excellent tips on overwintering your delicate plants! Overwintering your plants is helpful during [...]

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Landscape Maintenance Maryland: Winterizing your Garden

As you place the trimmings on the tree and plan menus for holiday soirees while checking off the people on your gift list, there’s one more preparation that the winter season requires: prepping your garden for the cold weather ahead with a little landscape maintenance. Below, follow these simple steps for winterizing your garden: 1)    [...]

Tropical Living: Preparing Your Delicate Plants for Winter

Tropical plants are bold and lush, offering an exotic variation to landscapes, but as the cooler months encroach, one crucial question remains to be answered: will they survive the winter weather? At Rhine Landscaping, we have a few basic tips to offer up to help you keep your plants bundled up and protected against the [...]

Leaves & Shrubs, oh my! Fall Landscaping Tips

Cold winter winds and repeated snows can dry out or damage younger plantings. Fall landscaping can be overwhelming – so many leaves and so little time. However, there are a few things you can do to help your yard spring back into place once the winter weather has come and gone. Read on [...]

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