Rhine’s Guide: Year-Round Pool Maintenance

Rhine's Pool School: Your Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance Ensuring the longevity and optimal function of your custom in-ground pool requires consistent and effective maintenance. Rhine Pools is dedicated to helping you understand and implement these practices, making pool ownership a breeze. Understanding Pool Maintenance Your swimming pool is a complex system that requires regular [...]

Getting Your Swimming Pool Ready for Spring: Essential Duties for Pool Owners

Getting Your Swimming Pool Ready for Spring: Essential Duties for Pool Owners If you're a swimming pool owner, then you know that the arrival of spring is an exciting time. It means that it's time to get your pool ready for the new season of swimming and relaxation. However, opening your pool for the spring [...]

Benefits of adding a Waterfall to your swimming pool

Are swimming pool waterfalls a good idea?   Absolutely! Not only do they look great and create a gorgeous aesthetic visual appeal, but pool waterfalls can actually help with temperature regulation due to the constant movement of the water. More oxygen is created which helps keep the average water temperature cooler than if the water [...]

Swimming Pool, Patio, Outdoor Kitchen

Located in Howard County, Rhine Landscaping designed and built this backyard in two phases. The first phase was an outdoor patio, walkway, and outdoor kitchen. The most recent, second phase, extended the patio to a lower hardscape and pool deck that also includes a swimming pool, adorned with smartphone-controlled waterfalls, and seat walls throughout. Phase-I [...]

How to Enjoy Outdoor Living

The warmer season inherently makes people happy and excited.  Longer days, warmer days, and the ability to enjoy your time outside. Having an outdoor living space helps homeowners enjoy their backyards even more.  Whether you have a new landscaping, flower garden or plant bed, with a bench to sit and watch the birds, or perhaps [...]

Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool – Part II

A continuation of our previous post on Swimming Pool Closing Tips, here are a few more recommendations to ensure your pool stays in top shape over the colder season and is ready for next spring! Lowering the Water Level in the Pool The lowering of the water level will vary depending on your pool cover [...]

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Poolscaping 101: Knowing the Different Types of Pools :: Pool Design

Step 1: Make the decision to invest in a swimming pool. Step 2: Choose the type of swimming pool. And with cement pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools, you have a tough choice ahead of you. Deciding on which material is best for you requires the examination of several factors, such as your budget, pool [...]

Benefits of an Electric Swimming Pool Heater

Also known as a heat pump, electric pool heaters are among the most popular devices used for keeping swimming pools warm no matter the time of year. Water-Source Heaters A water-source heater transfers the heat from the water to the pool, which is entirely independent of the surrounding air temperature. These types of heaters are [...]

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