5 Most Cost-Efficient Landscaping Practices

Doing some conscientious landscaping this fall can help you save money in the long run! When it comes time to complete your fall landscaping maintenance, it can seem like expenses pile up quickly! If you are looking for less expensive ways to prepare your beautiful yard for the chill of winter, here are [...]

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Landscaping Company Questions to Ask

When interviewing landscaping companies for your projects, it is so important to find out vital information on the business, their staff, how they operate, and what they will do for you.  Customer service is so important, even over the “how much do you charge”, as it all joins together in the solidification of a business [...]

Plants that Keep in the Cool: Container Gardening for Autumn from Rhine Landscaping

When the foliage begins changing and the seasons change from summer to fall, the major growing season disappears almost as quickly as the leaves from trees as winter encroaches. For those with green thumbs and gardening prowess, we’ve got a suggestion to keep your hands digging in the dirt a little while longer: plant some [...]

Maryland Landscaping and the Mild Winter

It’s been a mild winter – many of us in Maryland were shocked that the holiday classic “White Christmas” turned into a reality, rather than something we were simply “dreaming of.”  With warmer temperatures across the state, many of us have been complaining, inquiring, “where’s winter?” and longing to take out our mittens and thick [...]

Poolscaping 101: Knowing the Different Types of Pools :: Pool Design

Step 1: Make the decision to invest in a swimming pool. Step 2: Choose the type of swimming pool. And with cement pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl pools, you have a tough choice ahead of you. Deciding on which material is best for you requires the examination of several factors, such as your budget, pool [...]

Charateristics of Full Veneer, Thin Veneer, and Man-Made Veneer

When it comes to landscaping projects involving stone, you must balance all of the following factors: aesthetic appeal, functionality, practicality, and durability. A good home improvement project must incorporate all of those factors while also being affordable. Oh yes, affordability. Who could forget? More often than not, your home improvement budget restricts your project more [...]

Professional Landscape Designers: Transforming your Landscape!

A garden is a garden. A yard is a yard. A patio is a patio. And a House is a house. But when a professional landscape designer is involved, these three elements come together to form the perfect, aesthetically pleasing landscape. Professional Landscape Design from Rhine Landscaping Rhine Landscaping prides itself on providing clients with [...]

Landscaping for Your Front Entry Way

Brighten your entry way with some colorful annuals. They will provide that extra bit of color your landscape needs. What does your landscaping say about you – is your entryway messy and unkempt? Or is it well groomed and inviting? Your landscape is your first chance to give your visitors a good impression [...]

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How to Succeed with Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a great way to spruce up your landscaping and hardscaping. Decorative concrete is a fantastic way to add something extra to your landscaping and hardscaping. It’s less expensive than natural stone hardscaping and patio pavers, and you have a surprising number of options available to match your personal style. Here [...]

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