Lush Landscaping in Howard County: Your Maintenance Guide

Achieving a Lush Landscape in Howard County, MD: Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Flowers, Plants, and Trees At Rhine Landscaping, we believe that an elegant landscape enhances not only the beauty of your home but also its value. Our team of seasoned landscapers works tirelessly to create an enchanting outdoor space that resonates with the [...]

Energy-Efficient Tips for Your Landscaping

While there are many things you can do to keep the inside of your home energy-efficient, did you know there are also many simple tips that can be done for the outside of your home as well? Here are a few fun facts and tips that can help with your yard that will not only [...]

A Peek at New Plants this Summer

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your landscape in order. And nothing gives your garden that undeniable curb appeal like new, breathtaking plants. New Flowers to Liven up your Landscape Starlite Prairieblues: This plant’s beautiful periwinkle blue flowers with buttery-yellow keels will grow to 3-6 inches tall. Cherries [...]

Springtime Flowers and Planting Annuals

As the spring season is only a couple weeks away, now is a great time to begin thinking about your different types of flowers you may want to introduce into your gardens and landscapes. Annual flowers typically last one growing season and therefore need to be replanted every year thereafter. However, annual flowers are among [...]

Kick the Tough Housing Market to the Curb with Curb Appeal

Presenting your home on the market for potential homebuyers isn’t all that different from presenting yourself to a potential employer.  If you walk into your first interview for a high-profile company donning dirt-stained gardening jeans and worn sandals, it’s safe to say you’re not going to land the job.  The same goes for your house: [...]

How To Decide on Your Perfect Pool

Create an outdoor oasis. The best thing about being able to have a large backyard is the potential to install an in-ground pool. However, planning that vision you have for your pool may indeed be harder than you think. Before you embark on designing your perfect backyard pool, consider these tips to ensure [...]

Never Be Limited by a Small Garden Space

Do you have a small yard, or perhaps an area that you would like to utilize for plants or flowers, or maybe even large enough as a small seating area?  Here are some tips that will help you!   Create "Zones": If your landscaping area is large enough to segment into different areas, consider making [...]

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Ways to Improve Your Home Value with Landscaping

If you're looking to improve your home value, but aren't sure about the most cost-effective way to proceed, consider looking at professional landscaping. If done properly, professionally landscaping your home can instantly increase property value by as much as 20 percent. That's not even including the immense jump in curb appeal. Half the battle of [...]

Hardscaping Ideas for Your Yard

What is a Hardscape?  Quite simply, it's the non-living "stuff" in your yard, such as rocks, pavers, bricks, or stones, whereas the landscape includes the living elements, such as plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees.  When deciding on your hardscaping, consider the following top tips! Choosing a Theme: Your hardscaping design should complement your existing home.  [...]

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