Maryland Landscapers: Swimming Pool Landscaping Design Ideas

A swimming pool is a big investment. And because of that, it requires a lot of planning, especially when it comes to design. After all, as the swimming pool designers at Rhine Landscaping explain, the most important part of installing a swimming pool is proper design and elevation. If a pool is built without taking [...]

2012 is the Year of the Back Yard Patio :: Landscaping Trends

With more and more homeowners looking for home improvement projects that will improve not only aesthetics, but also home value and functionality, back yard patios have started to soar in popularity. 2012 Landscaping Trends Backyard Entertaining: With the economy still reeling from the recession, more families are opting to forgo expensive vacations in favor of [...]

Landscaping Drainage Solutions and Ideas

Many homeowners have drainage issues with their properties and they are often found in the spring and summer seasons. Whether it is from shoddy craftsmanship of the structure, settling of the land, or from a storm, many factors can affect your property and water-related problems need to be corrected as quickly as possible so as [...]

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Professional Poolscaping: Landscaping Around Your Pool

The days of boring, square cement pools are over. Today, pool design and poolscaping have taken on a life of their own, transforming your backyard into your own personal oasis. Today’s pools have a more natural feel, utilizing stones and other eco-friendly poolscaping products. Other poolscaping ideas include: Extended Living Space: Lots of pools today [...]

What can a Water Feature do for your Maryland Home?

From fountains to gently flowing rivers, there are a wide variety of available water features available for purchase. Maryland homes are especially well suited to these with natural flora and fauna, as well as plenty available for purchase, that can flourish when provided with a water source. Here are a few reasons why the next [...]

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