Gardening Tips for the Fall Season

Container Gardening for the Fall Season As the leaves change color and the weather cools, many flowers and plants will begin to brown and die off. If you would like to keep some color around your landscape through the Fall Season - and cooler months for that matter - here are some tips for planting cool-weather [...]

Spring Landscaping Tips

It's Friday, it's a cool spring day, and with a nice weekend ahead, here are some easy spring landscaping tips for your home! 🌳🌷 410-442-2445 🌻🌼 Need any landscaping help? Let us know! Start with the soil: If left unattended since last season, your soil could dried out. Add moisture and nourishment with organic [...]

Going Green with your Landscaping

Your lawn is among the most important parts of your landscaping and home. A lawn that is well taken care of and maintained not only looks better, but is often easier to maintain and should you need to sell your home, can typically allow a higher price point. To help in the movement of 'going [...]

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Rhine Landscaping: Your Maryland Basement Waterproofing Experts

When you think of a basement, what comes to mind? Do you picture a dark, damp, and dreary cement enclosure? If you do, you are probably not alone. But perception does not have to be reality. Don’t settle for what you think a basement should be. With the right design, some carpeting and a little [...]

How Landscaping Saves Money

Properly mulched soil requires less watering, and while you can buy the bag, you can also get it without spending anything. As summer winds down, it’s time to evaluate your landscaping over the season. Did you sink a lot of money into projects that didn’t flourish? Were you constantly watering? Do you feel [...]

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Want a beautiful garden? Use Landscape Designers

Having a beautiful garden is a must for a homeowner. Whether it's waking up to lush floral arrangements in the morning or to end your day with a stroll along your favorite vegetable garden--it's a must for many people. Moreover,  people who want to make their garden not only beautiful but the best in the [...]

Keeping Weeds Out of Your Garden

4 Easy Ways to Prevent Weeds Weeds are seemingly everywhere, especially at the start of the season. Some homeowners go the DIY route, while others prefer to hire a professional lawn care or landscaping company. If you’ve gone the DIY route and don’t use a professional lawn care company, you may be wondering how the [...]

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Say Oui (Yes) to French Drains!

Are you experiencing any drainage issues? Is your landscape retaining water or does your basement constantly flood after a heavy rain? If so, French drains could be the solution to your problems. These drains remain the most common drainage system installed in residential landscapes across the United States. This is because French drainage systems are [...]

Benefits of Landscape Designers

Landscaping is not as simple as many homeowners believe. It requires meticulous planning and, in many cases, a professional's touch. This is where a landscape designer – like the ones found at Rhine Landscaping - comes in handy. Rhine Landscaping prides itself on providing clients with individualized hardscape and softscape landscaping design services. Benefits of [...]

Maryland Spring Landscape Maintenance from Rhine Landscaping

Your home's landscape is an important part of your residence. Maintaining your home's landscape can be one of the most hardest, time-intensive task that you have as far as home maintenance. Improper landscape maintenance can result in your landscape looking less than desirable and could ruin the vision that you have for the landscape of [...]

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