Protect Your Garden: Expert Tips for Preventing Frost Damage to Plants in Howard County

Ensuring the Viability of Spring Plants Against Unexpected Frosts: Insights from Rhine Landscaping Welcome to the official blog of Rhine Landscaping. Recent mornings have ushered in an unexpected chill across Howard County, MD—manifested by a thin layer of frost despite daytime temperatures reaching into the 60s. This phenomenon poses significant risks to new plantings, potted [...]

Gardening Tips for the Fall Season

Container Gardening for the Fall Season As the leaves change color and the weather cools, many flowers and plants will begin to brown and die off. If you would like to keep some color around your landscape through the Fall Season - and cooler months for that matter - here are some tips for planting cool-weather [...]

Plants that Keep in the Cool: Container Gardening for Autumn from Rhine Landscaping

When the foliage begins changing and the seasons change from summer to fall, the major growing season disappears almost as quickly as the leaves from trees as winter encroaches. For those with green thumbs and gardening prowess, we’ve got a suggestion to keep your hands digging in the dirt a little while longer: plant some [...]

Never Be Limited by a Small Garden Space

Do you have a small yard, or perhaps an area that you would like to utilize for plants or flowers, or maybe even large enough as a small seating area?  Here are some tips that will help you!   Create "Zones": If your landscaping area is large enough to segment into different areas, consider making [...]

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Sell your Home this Fall with a Little Landscaping

During the fall season, the leaves aren’t the only things that change: many homeowners are looking to change locations, moving from one house to another. As decomposing leaves clutter lawns and dipping temperatures make many plants go defunct, curb appeal plummets. But those looking to sell their homes can make a few quick changes to [...]

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