Landscaping Tips with High Winds

Landscaping Tips with High Forecasted Winds As the weather in our area is often unpredictable during the spring season, it is very important to pay proper attention to the landscape around your home. From downed trees, uprooted plants or shrubs, or torn grass, there are many elements that can be disrupted by severe [...]

Blizzard Warning! Commercial Snow Removal in Maryland

Rhine’s experienced fleet of snow removal vehicles is equipped to handle massive snow accumulation! Are you ready, Marylanders?! Forecasters are predicting that a historic winter storm is headed our way. Blizzard Jonas is expected to produce considerable amounts of heavy snowfall, high speed winds up to 35 mph and decreased visibility on the [...]

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Patio Installation in Maryland: Designing a Functional Hardscape

“Patio,” comes from the Spanish word of the same spelling, meaning backyard or garden, and is considered to be an outdoor living space meant to optimize areas for dining, entertaining, and relaxation. Generally a paved or stone area between a house and its garden, patios can be covered or uncovered and are constructed of materials [...]

Why Should I Install An Outdoor Firepit?

Ahh, summer! The season of swim parties, barbecues, campfires, and making s’mores. While a wood deck with a barbecue is great for summer, it can get mighty chilly during the fall and winter. If entertaining is your thing and you want to keep it going all year-round, consider installing an outdoor fire pit. A fire pit [...]

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Landscaping For Your Home

Are you looking into landscaping your home? Perhaps you want to change the appearance or need an update if you're selling your home? Or, maybe you want the outside of your home to look new and fresh, but have a low-maintenance landscaping design? Often considered “softscape”, trees, shrubs, and flowering plants are the outdoor elements [...]

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Fall Fungicides Will Prevent Summer Lawn Sickness

Fungicides can be difficult to apply correctly and safely. You may want to hire a licensed professional with experience in lawn diseases to apply the chemical for you. No one wants a patchy lawn come summer time. Many lawn diseases which plague homeowners throughout the summer can be controlled by timely application of [...]

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