Gardening in the Rain

Gardening in the Downpour: Rhine Landscaping's Tips for Managing Your Landscape in Frequent Rains Welcome to our latest blog post, Garden Enthusiasts of Howard County, Maryland! With the recent spate of rainy days, it's crucial to adapt our gardening practices to ensure that our landscapes not only survive but also thrive. Rhine Landscaping is here [...]

Expert Drainage Solutions for Howard County

Expert Drainage Solutions for Howard County: Why Choose Rhine Landscaping Water management and drainage are critical aspects of maintaining the integrity and beauty of your property. In Howard County, Maryland, homeowners and businesses face unique challenges due to the area's specific landscape and weather conditions. Rhine Landscaping is your go-to expert for professional drainage solutions [...]

Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions: The Key to a Healthy Home Environment

Effective Drainage Solutions: A Key to Home Health Implementing an efficient water management strategy is essential in maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment. Let's explore the vital role of drainage solutions and water mitigation strategies offered by Rhine Landscaping, and how they contribute to your property's longevity and safety. Shielding Your Home with Exterior [...]

Expert Drainage Solutions in Ellicott City

Welcome to Rhine Landscaping - your go-to provider of professional drainage solutions, water management, and exterior basement waterproofing for homes in Ellicott City. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality services that ensure your property remains protected from water damage. Professional Drainage Solutions, Water Management, and Exterior Basement Waterproofing by Rhine Landscaping [...]

Drainage Provider in Howard County

"Rhine Landscaping solved a significant flooding problem that we have had at our putting in 7 inlets connected to a 6-inch main that empties into the back of the storm drain at the street. Tree roots were protected and all plants were replanted. We've had several heavy rainfalls recently and no flooding. - Judy [...]

Basement Window Repair and Waterproofing

An Ellicott City homeowner was having continuous water issues with a basement window, caused by the recent heavy rains. They contacted us to fix the wall, to which we not only repaired, but we took preventive measures to ensure nothing happens again. Here's a look at what we did: After removing the window frame, we [...]

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Consider the French Drain

When you buy a home you are making a very large investment. So, to protect the future of your home, waterproofing options are available to you. Why not invest in a French drain? They’re simple, cost effective, and can be installed quickly. What is a French drain? A French drain is a system that will [...]

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Waterproof your Basement with Proper Drainage from Rhine Landscaping

With basements gaining popularity as functional family gathering areas rather than purely storage spaces, a watertight ground level is essential to your home. Basement waterproofing is one of the most effective means to channel water from the outside – a preventative measure against leaks in walls and floors. Because basements are structurally situated below ground [...]

Affordable Drainage Solutions for Your Backyard

The unpredictability of weather often contributes to the sporadic issues related to flooding or ponding of water. In addition, the craftsmanship of your home, grading or settling of your lawn can also lead to drainage issues associated with both rain water or the water within your home and in your basement. While puddles of standing [...]

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Is basement waterproofing important for the winter?

Winter is unpredictable and the severe weather of snow, ice storms and heavy rain are unpredictable. To prepare your home for such weather problems, it is a good idea to basement waterproof your home. One of the best times to basement waterproof is right before the first snow fall of winter or ice storm. A [...]

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