Case Study – Pikesville Residence

The Bermans originally contacted us for help creating some usable space for grilling.  During our first site visit, we observed a high level of noise generated from nearby roads.  Our ensuing discussions led to the further development of the site and options for mitigating the noise problem.  Faced with an unmanagable slope, unpleasant views, and little usable space, the stage was set for a drastic change.

Our design process began with a detailed site investigation to determine the existing constraints of the project area.  Once the physical limitations and elevations were established, the concept began to take shape.  A retaining wall was constructed to increase the amount of usable space while also providing a stable area for landscaping.  The retaining wall was constructed using natural Pennsylvania fieldstone with larger stones incorporated as accents.  Two pondless waterfalls were integrated into the wall to serve as focal points from both inside the house and the new patio and to drown out the road noise.  The paver patio was designed to provide spaces for several tables, a grilling area, and informal groupings of chairs.  A detailed planting plan was then developed to compliment the new hardscape features.  Arrangements of ornamental trees, shrubs, and perennials were combined to provide a variety of colors and blooms throughout the year.  Plants were also selected for their resistance to the unrelenting appetite of the local deer herd which travel the property daily.  As a final touch, low voltage lighting was installed to accent the waterfalls and specimen trees for evening entertainment.

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