Case Study – Ellicott City Residence

Mr. and Mrs. Simon asked us to help them create a more accessible and attractive front entry to their Ellicott City home.  The existing sidewalk was a strip of concrete that was very narrow and dangerously steep.  Likewise, the front stoop and steps were equally narrow, steep, and unattractive.

The proposed solution hinged on the design of a non-traditional set of steps.  The landing at the top was enlarged to provide more room to maneuver at the door.  The step risers were designed to be 6″ rather than the 8″ rise of the existing steps.  In addition, the front treads to the steps were extended to a depth of 24″ instead of the typical 12″.  This projected the steps further into the yard to increase the presence of the entry point as well as provide ease in negotiating the steps with a walker.  The alignment of the new walkway was carefully selected to minimize the slope and provide a more inviting experience to guests which park on the street.  The width of the walk is 5′, wide enough for two people to comfortably walk side by side.  The Simons preferred the look of natural stone, so we used cut Pennsylvania bluestone mortared on concrete for its longevity.  A tan stone was used on the stair risers to provide contrast and make each step more visible.  New plantings were designed to provide seasonal color and integrate with some more mature existing plants.

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