As the summer season is slowly coming to a close and children are going back to school, one thing for certain is that with the recent weather lately, nothing is predictable!  Here are some top suggestions on caring for your landscaping, gardens, and everything in between.


Planting Vegetables

If you were interested in planting any vegetables in your garden, some veggies love the heat!  Sweet potatoes and eggplants, chili peppers and okra, are great plants to consider as they can tolerate higher heat temperatures and drought.

Mowing Your Lawn

Cutting your grass short may save the frequency that you have to cut your lawn, but doing so can actually cause it to burn and die.  Set your mower to allow the grass to be about 3-4″ in height.

Plant Variety

Recently, many local areas have had over a foot of rain in less than a couple weeks.  This excess water created many water-logged plants that subsequently died.  Even though this is not the norm, there seems to be a trend of homeowners considering drought-resistant plants for their landscaping.  Easy to maintain, great appearance and aesthetics, but keep in mind that excessive water can cause root rot.  Keeping the soil most is key.


Be sure to remove any weeds as soon as you are able, particularly before they bloom and reproduce elsewhere.  If you have a few, pulling them out by hand is fine, but be certain that you remove the roots.  For larger areas consider a cultivator, hook, or de-weeding tool.


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