Elm Care and Preventative Maintenance

With the sporadic weather in the greater Baltimore and Washington DC regions, many Elm Trees have been having sustainability issues. Improper care during the weather and excessive heat, among other factors, can all contribute to elm tree problems.

Dutch elm disease is a common issue and proper maintenance must be done in order to minimize this threat.


Elm trees should be fertilized one to two times per year. Make sure you use the correct fertilizer as some generic options can actually harm your elms. You want to look for a product that can promote overall tree health and has a slow-release of nitrogen.


Pruning is one of the most important methods of elm tree sustainability and health. Unlike many other trees, you should never prune between the middle of April and through July. The reasoning behind this is due to the promotion of fungal spores. Therefore, pruning in early spring is often recommended.


If anything is to be built around an elm tree, avoid cutting the roots as they do not always close off. This, too, can create a fungal disease.


The root tips are usually outside of the weeping line. Sprinkling water onto the trunk will have little effect this way, so it is important to remember to instead soak the ground outside the weeping line with a hose. Be sure to let the soil dry between watering.

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