Bulbs can completely change up the dynamic of your garden!

Under the right care and conditions, bulbs can be some of the most powerful tools that a gardener has. They are a great way to breathe life into a stale winter landscape and celebrate the beauty of spring. If you are interested in planting bulbs this year and getting the best possible result, here is what you need to know to get started with the perfect bulb.

The Basics of Bulbs

Bulbs are plants, so they have a life cycle. The goal of every plant is to create more seeds to ensure future plants, but that can take energy and nutrients away from the bulb. As a result, gardeners want to preserve the health of the original bulb and reuse it again.

Know Your Bulbs

Bulbs are very diverse and can grow into many different types of flowers. It’s essential that you know what bulbs are actually in your yard so that you can properly care for them. The most popular types of bulbs are tulips and daffodils, but there are countless other varieties to care for. Keep a record of the locations you plant each bulb so that you know what you are working with in the future.

Deadhead Wisely

Deadheading is the process of getting rid of flower parts after the plant is done blooming. Deadheading is a common practice in every garden, as it prevents the bulb from creating seeds. When you deadhead your bulbs, you should remove only the portions that are the flower and keep all leaves and remaining plant structure intact. Depending on what type of bulb you are working with, you can either snap the flower off the stalk or cut it at the base.


Finally, you need to fertilize your bulbs. This helps encourage them to bloom again next year and gives them some of the nutrients that they need to get the job done. You should plan on fertilizing bulbs in your yard 4-6 weeks before they will flower. Not all bulbs will bloom again, so don’t get discouraged if you initially have bad luck.

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