Whether you use your backyard for entertaining, gardening, playing, or lounging, it could benefit from a few simple design elements. This article from eHow.com provides some backyard ideas to turn your outdoor space, be it large or small, into the backyard you have always dreamed of.

So here are a few ideas to help you get started…

Go Wild

If you want a backyard that will wow guests but you’d prefer to keep your backyard work to a minimum, let all or part of your backyard go wild. Free form beds containing wild or planted flowers can add color to a bland landscape or you can make your backyard a little more edible and green by creating a plot or multiple beds for a vegetable garden. If wild is your style, plant vine plants, like wisteria or climbing roses, along fences to complete the look.

Create an Outdoor Room

If your backyard is looking a little too vast, use the space by creating an outdoor room. An outdoor room doesn’t have to mean an actual room. It typically refers to a patio or deck area created for a purpose, like an outdoor kitchen. Add a lounging room with a table and chairs, or lay some tile and add a grill for an outdoor kitchen. If you have enough space, do both, or create an outdoor fireplace for cookouts and warmth in the cooler months.

Add On

If your backyard is simply lawn, start thinking outside the box and add on to your backyard designs. Add a patio, a garden or a flower bed or two for a more formal look, or create a space that’s truly meant for child’s play by installing a swing set or activity area. If climbing roses or foliage over your head are looks you love, add an arbor or a pergola in another section, detached from the back of your home. If entertaining is your thing, add seating areas or informal grottos throughout the space.

Leave Some Lawn

If you plan to entertain or you have children, leave some lawn for play or simply sitting back and relaxing. If your current lawn is covered in weeds, turn the grass and start from scratch with grass seed and a bit of manure or compost.

Be creative. Use a combination of these techniques to make your backyard really come to life. The trick is determining what landscaping options make sense for you, your wallet, and your backyard. If you have any questions, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

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