rhine landscaping pondless water feature

Pondless water features are beautiful, low maintenance, and a safer option around children.

If you read our blog last week, you are already familiar with the beauty and benefits of hardscaping water features. This week, we’d like to get a little more specific in the realm of water features. Read on for more information from Rhine Landscaping about the benefits of pondless water features.

What is a Pondless Water Feature?

Flowing streambeds, fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, and koi ponds are water features that typically rely on a pond or other water source for full function. Pondless water features are designed so that water falls into a gravel bed that is then recycled through a reservoir. No standing pond water is necessary for pondless water features to function.

The Benefits of Pondless Water Features

Pondless water features are steadily increasing in popularity for several reasons, with low maintenance at the top of the list. With a pondless water feature, you can enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of flowing water without the high maintenance hassle and liability of an actual pond. Because there is no standing pond water, you eliminate the need for chemical upkeep and regular maintenance. The lack of chemicals also makes them more kid-friendly than standard pond sourced water features. Depending on the type of water feature you choose, pondless options tend to be more cost effective and can increase the value of your home.

Design Options for Pondless Water Features

Pondless water features can be designed to suit the specific needs of your property and your budget. Common designs are known to include smooth natural rocks that allow for cascading water into a gravel bed. You have the option to determine the desired size, design, and overall look of your pondless water feature. Our designers and landscapers are ready to turn your water feature dreams into reality. What are you waiting for?


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