Pools come in many different styles and can have water in them that has either been treated with chlorine or salt. Water that has been treated with salt becomes a salt water pool. Over the years, the amount of salt water pools have increased because they offer many benefits.


Salt is softer on your skin than chlorine, additionally chlorine can cause red eyes, blotchy skin and damage to your hair. By switching to a salt water pool, this can eliminate the discomfort that chlorine causes.


A salt water pool requires less chemicals than a chlorinated pool. This means that people with a salt water pool are being more environmentally friendly.


A salt water pool requires less maintenance and provides a cleaner environment than a chlorine pool.

If you do not already have a pool but want one, while you are building a pool, it is important to consider your homes landscaping. Hiring a landscaper who specializes in swimming pool installation will insure that your pool is well integrated into your property. The most part of installation is the proper design and elevation so it does not interfere with existing elements in your backyard.

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