Hardscaping When you are in need of a barrier for your backyard, you need a retaining wall. A retaining wall is used to hold large amounts of soil into place as well as leveling out ground. Retaining walls can be built for a structural purpose or to be appealing to the eye. Professional hardscaping like retaining walls can be used to compliment landscaping and hardscaping that is already in place as well making your space more functional. You can use retaining walls to elevate your garden or to elevate your patio.

Retaining walls can be made from a number of different materials that fulfill different needs. Some materials that can be used include:

  1. Wood- The most welcoming to the eye if you are interested in visual appeal. For a durable wood wall, choose between redwood or pressure treated fir.
  2. Concrete- A strong material to use, yet not the most aesthetically pleasing. This material can be spruced up with masonry and tiles to help make it more visually appealing.
  3. Cinderblock- One of the cheapest materials to use, but still durable.
  4. Stone- One of the prettiest yet durable materials.
  5. Brick- This material is durable and the most formal visually.
  6. Interlocking Concrete Block- This method can be used to highlight and enhance landscaping that is already in placed throughout a yard. If you are in need a wall of about 20 feet tall, this method is best.

If you use stone, brick, or cinderblock, it is important to keep in mind that solid footing and some type of draining system will need to be in place. A retaining wall is more than hardscaping, but a type of engineering system for your yard to keep everything in its place.

At Rhine Landscaping, we specialize in professional hardscaping for both resident and commercial clients. We use only the highest quality materials when installing retaining walls and work with our clients to design the best layout to suit their needs and exceed their expectations. At Rhine Landscaping, our Landscaping Designers are ready to design a landscaping layout to work with your retaining wall to make your yard visually appealing.

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