Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about switching from a traditional chlorinated pool to a salt-water pool. If chlorine has been the primary (and only) type of pool for so long, it must be doing something right.  Below are some benefits to having a chlorinated pool.

Chlorine is Effective

Chlorine has one job, kill bacteria and keep the pool clean. And chlorine does that, effectively; keeping your pool clean and safe for anyone who wants to swim in it. While high levels of chlorine can be dangerous, follow the appropriate guidelines for the chlorine levels in your pool and it will be completely safe.

Chlorine Continuously Kills Bacteria

When chlorine is added to a pool, it kills all of the preexisting bacteria in the pool. Over time, as more bacteria makes its way into the pool, the chlorine keeps killing the bacteria to keep the pool safe and sanitary for bathers.

If you do not already have a pool but want one, while you are building a pool, it is important to consider your homes landscaping. Hiring a landscaper who specializes in swimming pool installation will insure that your pool is well integrated into your property. The most part of installation is the proper design and elevation so it does not interfere with existing elements in your backyard.

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