Relentless rain, significant amounts of snow: both are leaving streets and yards in Maryland flooded with water, which ends up seeping in exactly where it doesn’t belong – our houses. If you’re a homeowner in Maryland and you’ve been seeing signs of a wet basement this winter, it may be time to consider having your basement waterproofed. While you may think that “a little rain never hurt anyone,” water in your home can have some serious ramifications. Here’s why it’s important to take care of water damage when it happens:

Foundation Damage: When water works its way into your foundation, your home’s structural integrity can be compromised, causing cracks to form in the blocks and overall weakened support.

Health Concerns: Mold has a serious affinity for water, meaning that a little moisture can go a long way in causing mold to grow in your house, which can irritate allergies and the respiratory system on the whole.

Protect Belongings: When carpets and furniture get waterlogged, they often can’t be salvaged, and again, they are likely to either become breeding grounds for mold or suffer from warping and other structural issues. Waterproofing your basement will safeguard your space and belongings from these problems.

At Rhine Landscaping, we provide basement waterproofing services in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Our motto is “We believe in keeping rain water outside where it belongs.” With sophisticated hand excavations, advanced drainage systems, and more, we’ll start from the outside to prevent the water from getting in.

Call Rhine Landscaping today at 410-442-2445, if you are looking for new drainage & basement waterproofing.

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