If Hurricane Sandy left your once parched looking basement drenched in floodwater, it may be time to consider taking the necessary steps to waterproof the underground level of your home. Besides the obvious inconvenience of soaking your belongings – whether those in storage or those used as a part of an additional living space – damp basements pose dangers to the structural soundness of your house and present health problems to family members through mold-related illnesses.

basement waterproofing

Property Preservation

A little water may appear to be a seemingly harmless issue, but in reality, it can lead to early deterioration of your home – from the foundation to floor joists – threatening the structural stability of buildings and demanding expensive and extensive repairs. Wet basements can stimulate the following critical conditions:

  • Wood rot
  • Foundation cracking
  • Molding building components
  • Other deterioration problems

From sump pump installation to crawlspace waterproofing, there are a variety of techniques that can be utilized to eliminate the issue of moisture in basements, thereby eliminating the risk of structural damage to your home.

Health Risks

Because mold thrives in wet environments like plants in rich soil, it’s bound to crop up in basements with moisture issues. From allergic reactions that are symptomatically similar to asthma to respiratory aggravation, the presence of mold can be damaging to the immune system, which is why it’s important to make sure your basement is not a conducive space for toxic mold spores; basement waterproofing is the first step to eliminating the growth of mold.

At Rhine Landscaping, besides specializing in every aspect of landscape design, installation, and upkeep, we are also experts when it comes to waterproofing basements. Our motto on the matter is, “We believe in keeping rain water outside where it belongs.” From French drain installation to re-grading lawns and addressing foundation issues, we are one of the few companies in the area equipped to address wet basements from the inside out.

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