fall landscape maintenanceCan you feel it in the air? The nights have been much cooler and the days aren’t filled with scorching humidity anymore. That can only mean one thing: fall is right around the corner. Students are preparing to go back to school and pretty soon we’ll be breaking out boots, sweaters, and scarves. But before we’re ready to start sipping on hot cocoa in the evenings, we need to focus on a few housekeeping things. Fall landscaping maintenance is very important for the health of your lawn and garden. In order to make sure that everything looks good in the spring, you need to take the time now to perform some routine seasonal maintenance.

What Types of Maintenance are Required in the Fall?

  • Pay attention to your lawn – You should be watering up until it’s too cold to water. You don’t want water freezing on your lawn, so make sure that you’re watering in the morning so that the sun can heat and dry your lawn. You should also take this time to do a little extra seeding if you’re lawn isn’t as lush as you would like it. Throw some fertilizer on (make sure that you’re following directions, though, and not over fertilizing – we like to keep the Chesapeake fertilizer free) and feed your grass/plants.
  • Remove debris often – Your parents didn’t have you raking leaves as a kid just to build character (even if that’s what they told you). Making sure that you keep the debris off of your landscaping will help ensure that your grass, trees, and plants get all the sunlight and water that they can, even in the cooler months. Removing debris will also discourage mold and mildew from growing on your plants and grasses (along with bugs and other critters).
  • Give your flowers some TLC – Your perennials will be back next year, so you need to make sure that they’re ready for spring. Cut them down to soil level to help them stay warm and insulated throughout the cold winter months. You should also remove annual bulbs to give your perennials more room to stretch out and to clean up the whole area a big. Make sure that you’re feeding the flowers and other garden plants that are remaining there to help sustain them all winter.

Fall Landscape Maintenance from Rhine Landscaping
It’s important to take care of your Maryland landscaping year round to make sure that it looks beautiful and lush in spring and summer. Rhine Landscaping has been serving the Maryland area with landscaping, hardscaping, and swimming pool design and installation for years. If you want to begin your fall landscaping project, call us at (410)-442-2445 or fill out our online contact form today!

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