The small town of Mt. Airy, Maryland is not only unique in its small town charm, but its location as well. Located in the four different counties of Howard, Montgomery, Frederick, and Carroll counties, this town is a draw for residents and tours alike. Part of the draw of living in a small town is the ability to get to know your neighbors and to count them as friends. The image of small towns brings to mind lazy summer days spent outside with cold drinks and lots of friends around. But what happens when your lazy summer day ends up with your patio pavers shifting under your guests’ feet? That image suddenly becomes a nightmare as your patio becomes a hazard. But don’t worry; Rhine Landscaping can help repair your patio!

The Materials

In 1999, polymeric sand was first introduced to the landscaping world. This material is crucial for keeping your patio in pristine condition. The mixture is made by adding water to graded sands and polymer which hardens when mixed. Without the binder, pavers can fall prey to the elements and become hazardous. But when you hire Rhine Landscaping to repair your patio, our patio specialists will pressure wash your patio, breaking away chipped stones, plants growing between your pavers, and dirt build up. After your stones have been thoroughly dried, our crew will apply the polymeric sand between the stones before leveling and repairing any shifted stones. This process will make your stones look like brand new for less than it would cost to replace the existing patio.

Signs Your Mt. Airy Patio Needs to be Repaired

After years of use and the elements, patios that were built without polymeric sand can develop a few different issues. One of the biggest issues you may be experiencing is the movement. Pavers installed without this material are prone to shifting from general use, weather, and even the shifting of the earth. The polymeric sand will keep your pavers from moving by acting like glue to hold them in place. Another benefit to polymeric sand is the gaps between pavers become sealed. A common issue patios without polymeric sand experience is weeds coming up through the joints of the stones. But with polymeric sand, your patio’s joints will be sealed, blocking sunlight some encouraging growth.

More than Patios for your Mt. Airy Home

At Rhine Landscaping, there is no limit to the hardscaping projects we can do! Another common stone problem that people experience around their home is crumbling mortar. So at Rhine, we offer a re-posting service. This service can be for your retaining walls, walkways, brick homes, and chimneys. Our specialists will remove the bad mortar and replace it for a perfect fit. You should have pride in your home’s appearance and should be able to spend time with your loved ones instead of worrying about the stones around your home. Let Rhine Landscaping help you take pride in your home’s appearance again!

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