Patio Paver Repairs in Highland, Maryland

With a population of approximately 1,034 residents, the small community of Highland, Maryland is located in southern Howard County. This small town is heavily influences by its agrarian history with livestock and farms taking up much of its landscape. The town is located around what is affectionately known as “The Crossroads” where route 108 and 216 meet. The residents of this small town have very few options when it comes to entertainment. But when your patio isn’t in a good condition, your options get even smaller. If you find your patio isn’t what it used to be, call the experts at Rhine Landscaping!

The Process and Materials

If your pavers were installed before 1999, then it did not have the benefit of being installed with polymeric sand. This material is crucial if you want your patio to have a clean appearance. Polymeric sand is a mixture of graded sands and polymer that is mixed with water to harden. Without this binder, pavers often fall prey to the elements and can become a hazard to the people using it. When you hire Rhine Landscaping to repair your patio, we will come armed with polymeric sand and a pressure washer. Our process starts by pressure washing your pavers to get rid of any plant growth, dirt, or chipped stones. After the stones have thoroughly dried, our crew will come back and apply polymeric sand to the stones before leveling and repairing the shifted stones. Your stones will look brand new for a fraction of replacing the entire patio. If your patio pavers were installed without this sand, you may have noticed some issues.

Signs You Need Your Patio Repaired in Highland, Maryland

After years of use, patios that are built without polymeric sand can develop problems. One of the biggest problem people experience is movement. Pavers installed without the material are prone to shifting from weather, movement of the earth, or general use. The sand will stop your pavers from moving, acting like glue to hold them into place. Another problem patios without polymeric sand has are the weeds. Dandelions, speedwells, and deadnettle flowers may be pretty to look at but not when they pop up in between your patio pavers. The polymeric sand will block out all sunlight between your paver stones, which will stop the growth of these plants.

More than Patios in Highland, Maryland

At Rhine Landscaping, we also re-point retaining walls, walkways, brick walls of your home, and chimneys. If you notice the mortar on the brick or stone elements of your home is crumbling, we can replace the mortar for the perfect fit. Life should be about spending time with the people you love instead of worrying about the patio stones under your feet. If you want your patio, retaining wall, chimney, or walkway back in peak condition or are thinking about replacing your patio, call Rhine Landscaping for an estimate!

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If you notice shifting or movement in the stone elements of your home, call Rhine Landscaping! Rhine Landscaping has built a reputation of excellence in Highland, Maryland and its surrounding areas and would be happy to take on your project. Contact Rhine Landscaping today to start making your patio dreams a reality. Call 410-442-2445.