Patio Paver Repairs in Glenwood, Maryland

Located between Baltimore and Washington, DC, Glenwood, Maryland offers commuters the unique chance for a piece of true suburban life. The work week for the residents of this small community is filled with car rides to and from work. So what better way to unwind than sitting outside with your friends and family enjoying a summer cookout? At Rhine Landscaping, we know how embarrassing it can be when your patio becomes warn down and in need of repair. If you find your patio isn’t what it used to be, call the experts at Rhine Landscaping!

The Process and Materials

In 1999, polymeric sand first came onto the market and has been repairing bricks and patio pavers ever since. Polymeric sand is a mixture of graded sands and a polymer that is hardened with water. Our process of fixing your patio begins with a thorough pressure wash to clean the pavers. This will get rid of any plants growing between your stones as well as any chips and dirt. After letting the pavers dry, we will come back and install the polymeric sand before leveling or repairing the stones that have shifted. Your stones will look good as new at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. If your patio pavers were installed without this sand, you may have noticed some issues.

Patio Paver Issues in Glenwood

After a few years of general wear and tear, patios built without the use of polymeric sand will often have weeds and pests popping up in between the pavers. When stones are put in with polymeric sand, they are bound together eliminating open areas between the stones that could have plants or bugs. The sand eliminates the possibility of growth when it cuts off sunlight between the pavers. One major issue owners could notice is shifting. If you feel shifting in the stones or notice one side of the patio pulling away from the other, your stones were not put in using polymeric sand. The shifting can be caused by general use of the patio, earth shifts, or precipitation moving the ground beneath the stones. But with the polymeric sand, you won’t have to worry about it shifting anymore.

But we don’t just repair the pavers on patio. We also re-point retaining walls, walkways, walls, and chimneys. If you notice the mortar on the brick or stone elements of your home is crumbling, we can replace the mortar for the perfect fit. No one should be embarrassed at their own party. If you want your patio, retaining wall, chimney, or walkway back in peak condition or are thinking about replacing your patio, call Rhine Landscaping for an estimate!

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