Patio Paver Repair in Columbia, Maryland

Columbia, Maryland is a wonderful place to live without question. The planned community is centrally located, home to wonderful schools, and full of picturesque homes. It’s no surprise that it consistently ranks among the best places to live in the country. Your Columbia home is likely graced with an elegant and idyllic landscape, but it may have one flaw. Paver patios are always a popular and beautiful choice in landscape design, but after years of use, they often require repairs. If your Columbia patio is overrun with weeds and doesn’t sit as straight as it used to, call Rhine Landscaping for patio paver repair.

Patio Paver Repair and Polymeric Sand

If your paver patio was built before 1999, it didn’t have the benefit of polymeric sand. This material is absolutely instrumental in maintaining the clean and tidy look of your paver patio, and it is our go-to tool when we start our repairs. Polymeric sand is a mixture of graded sands and a polymer that is used to bind the sands together. When you add water to it, it hardens. Without the help of polymeric sand, paver patios often fall victim to the elements, and can become an eyesore on your entire landscape design. Rhine Landscaping is well-versed in using polymeric sand and fixing other paver patio issues.

Signs you Need Paver Patio Repair

Shifting Pavers are one of the most common issues. Over time things like rain, constant use, and a changing landscape can alter the terrain on which your paver patio once sat. Instead of adjusting to the changes and maintaining its structure, pavers often shift out of place. Polymeric sand creates a firm bond between each paver, and allows them to hold strong in the face of changes. When your pavers shift, they don’t just look unsightly, they become a hazard. You don’t want to constantly trip over uneven edges, so contact us for help.

Polymeric sand creates a firm seal between each gap in your paver patio. If the sand isn’t there weeds and other foliage have a clear path to break through. The disheveled look of dandelions popping through your paver patio isn’t rustic, it’s unpleasant. Keep your home up to par with the help of Rhine Landscaping.

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