Patio Installation Services in Westminster

Greetings, Westminster homeowners! Even if you’ve already hired us to perform patio installation services, that project might be almost done.

Greetings, Westminster homeowners! Did you know that the start of spring is only about a month away? We know, we know, it doesn’t feel like it. But there’s no better time to get a patio installed. And even if you’ve already hired us to perform patio installation services, that project might be almost done. So, there’s still time to welcome spring before the equinox arrives. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Add Lighting

Now that you’ve had one of our beautiful patios installed, you’re going to want to accessorize it. If you already enjoy how string lights look when wound around your staircase banister or hung on a wall inside, then you’ll love how these lights will look when displayed on your patio. Professional patio installation services only cover half the battle.

The other half is up to you in making your new patio look and feel its best. Even if a dim, soft, and cool darkness is more your style, by adding some more lights you can create a cozy ambiance even if you don’t feel like including a reading lamp until later in the spring.

Add More Seats

Don’t overlook the importance of making your patio a more comfortable place to sit, either. You’re going to need to add more seats, even if there plenty of easy chairs, benches, swings, and recliners to go around. If your patio is large, then you can consider including a table or two; even if your patio is small, that doesn’t have to restrict your creativity unless you let it – try playing around with blankets and throw pillows in bright colors that can help it feel less claustrophobic.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

You might have dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen for years. Well, now that dream can become a reality. When you add an outdoor kitchen, you give your patio an extra dimension. So when you want an outdoor kitchen, call Rhine Landscaping, and we can make it happen for you.

Dress Up Your Windows

Another touch you could try is to dress up your windows. You probably didn’t realize that some aspects of your Westminster home’s exterior could be used to help boost the aesthetic appeal of your patio, and we understand!

Cover Your Fire Pit

We can probably tell what you’re thinking right now: why would I want to cover up my fire pit? It’s still cold outside, and early spring is still chilly. We don’t mean it’s time to close shop for the season. Just try some different, daring, and new. When your fire pit isn’t actively being used, you can add another surface to it. This trick creates a tabletop that’s perfect for playing board games on, or just sitting back and stargazing at night with some hot chocolate.

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