Patio Installation Services in Sykesville

If you’re in need of advice about patio installation services or maintenance, then you’ve come to the right place.

Once your Sykesville patio is installed, our services don’t stop there. You’ll also have to take proper care of your patio. If you’re in need of advice about patio installation services or maintenance, then you’ve come to the right place. With spring on the horizon, bugs will soon return as well. How can you keep them away from you when you spend time on your patio?

Add Some Repellant Plants

You could always start by adding some insect-repellant plants to your patio. One of the most useful is commonly known as garlic. You may not know this, but garlic can help chase mosquitoes away. You could also try using tea tree, lavender, pineapple weed, or herbs like basil and rosemary. Whatever plants or herbs you decide to use, be sure to set them up with comfy pots to rest in where they can get air, water, and sunlight as needed. Also, make sure that your kids and pets don’t try to disturb the plants, or in some case, eat them!  

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Inside or outside of your Sykesville home, it’s never a good idea to leave water standing for long. Pools of stagnant water will attract mosquitoes and give them a place to nest and breed. If that place is on your patio, then you will be a sad homeowner. Other potential spots where stagnant water can collect include buckets, birdbaths, and even the covers you use to protect your backyard swimming pool. If you have a hot tub on your back deck, you should make sure that isn’t another spot for the bugs to gather.

Consider a Screened Patio

A screened patio is a great option for the in-between times while the weather is still cool outside. As February turns into March, the weather will be unsteady. One day it could be full of sunshine and gentle breezes, and the next clouds and chilly rain. At Rhine Landscaping, our patio installation services will help ensure you get the most comfortable outdoor living space to fit your needs. The screened patio can keep both lousy weather and annoying insects from bothering you while you enjoy spending time on your patio.

Light Your Fire Pit

You may have heard a certain song by the Doors. Well, they weren’t wrong. Another opportunity to make your new patio a more pleasant place to be is to light up your fire pit. Building an entirely exposed fire isn’t a smart idea, which is part of why the fire pit is becoming such a popular option to add to any new patio. Igniting the fire pit will produce enough smoke to discourage the bugs from coming near you – it’s part of why citronella candles are so useful for preventing mosquito bites.

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