Patio Installation Services in Ellicott City

Why should you trust Rhine Landscaping for patio installation services in Ellicott City?

You might think it’s worth it to wait until it’s warm outside to think about installing a new patio. But if you seek patio installation services during the spring and summer, then you might not be able to enjoy spending time on your Ellicott City patio before the warm season ends and the cold returns. Why should you trust Rhine Landscaping for patio installation services in Ellicott City?

Patio Installation Services

When you approach us for patio installation services, we’ll use several high-quality materials, such as poured concrete, concrete pavers, and clay or brick pavers, By using these materials, we can ensure your patio will exceed even your highest expectations. We also work with several different companies, such as Hanover Architectural Products, EP Henry, and Pine Hall Brick to bring you the best possible materials for use in our patios. If you need water features, waterfalls, fire features, and outdoor kitchens, we can also install these on your Ellicott City patio.

Reasons to Consider Patio Installation

As we noted above, the bitter cold might cause you to hesitate when it comes to installing a new patio during the winter. But why should you consider our patio installation services nonetheless?


  • More time to enjoy: When spring shows its first signs of reawakening, you’ll be able to spend more time on your newly-installed patio. Your Ellicott City backyard will become cluttered and chaotic no matter what time of year you engage patio installation services, so why not try to accomplish it during a season in which you won’t be spending as much time there?
  • Avoiding damage: You don’t want to damage your landscape, either. Luckily, during the winter, your entire landscape is hibernating.
  • Less waiting: Everyone else in your neighborhood is likely waiting for spring to start building a new patio. But if you decide to do it over the winter, then you can get ahead of the game. Patio contractors aren’t as busy during the fall and winter, so you’ll spend less time waiting for them to reach you.

Other Factors to Consider

If your new patio is made of stone or brick, you’ll have some other factors to think about, as well. Let’s have a closer look at what these could be.


  • The frost: You may have already been vexed by the frost you see clinging to the windows and windshields on your car. Did you know frost can affect the stone on your patio too? Frost can cause shifting in the ground, which means that the installation of your patio may turn out to be uneven. If a frost happens before you begin the patio installation, you should ensure that the foundation is stable enough to remain level during the entire process.
  • The mortar: Mortar will work best when temperatures are above freezing, which is to say at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Although mortar will help hold the bricks in the patio together, if it’s too cold, the mortar could potentially fail to work as it is intended.


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