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Once you’ve taken advantage of our patio installation services, what else can you do?

Once you’ve taken advantage of our patio installation services, what else can you do? Add to the outdoor living spaces of your Elkridge home by considering retaining walls. Retaining walls are another hardscape feature that can help protect your new patio from the spring weather. Join us as we look at some of the advantages of following through with this design.

Enhanced Landscape

First of all, combining retaining walls with your Elkridge patio will enhance your overall landscape’s look. You can have a multi-level patio with one level elevated above the one below it with the retaining walls. Pulling this off will require sturdy staircases and walkways connecting your patios. Whether you want to use concrete or pavers to build all of these features, you can implement contrasting colors and textures. However, don’t overlook the importance of integrating flowers and water features into your upgraded landscape.  

Additional Flowers

Your patio can be home to more than one plant bed for all the flowers you want to plant this spring. When you have more flowers, it can draw the eye and provide some relief from your entire landscape looking completely the same. Plus, you can help make your Elkridge home’s exterior blend in by matching it with the landscaping and hardscaping features you plan on improving this season. Find out how in our next section!

Improved Hardscape Aesthetic

No matter what look you’re going for you will want to increase the curb appeal of your home. Your hardscapes will benefit from adding all of these features that we’ve mentioned so far. Cleanliness will help make your hardscape aesthetic stand out. Geometry makes a huge difference too, so don’t think you only need to have straight lines running everywhere. Think about the furniture you will add once the patio installation services have given your home a makeover. What do you want your fire features to look like when you design them? That might be another factor to consider when you’re looking to combine retaining walls with the rest of your new patio.

Additional Seating

Of course, no matter what aesthetic you’re looking for, it won’t be the same without enough seating. Even though it’s still chilly, once the weather warms up, you’re going to want to spend as much time as you can on your newly-installed or renovated patio. So, don’t forget to add more comfortable chairs, sofas, and couches. Recliners and swinging benches aren’t such a bad idea either. Put chairs around the fireplace, benches by your outdoor kitchen, or even use the retaining walls themselves to increase your seating options. The smoother you make your surfaces, the comfier they will be to sit on, and best of all, it won’t damage the clothes of your guests, either.

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