Patio Installation Services in Baltimore

Before this last blast of winter has come and gone, take advantage of the patio installation services we offer here at Rhine Landscaping.

Although it doesn’t feel like it, spring is on its way back to Baltimore. Remember the days not too long ago (a few weeks, as a matter of fact) where you could relax on your patio with a refreshing glass of lemonade? Before this last blast of winter has come and gone, take advantage of the patio installation services we offer here at Rhine Landscaping.

Inject Some New Color

One of the reasons people love spring is because it is when color returns to the world. So, make your Baltimore patio look brand new by injecting some color. Even if you started this building project a few months ago, it might not look the same once it’s done. A new coat of paint should help it look its best again. Boost how much green is on your new patio with fresh plants, or you could add some green chairs, pillows, and cushions. You could also use throw rugs that are yellow or blue to accentuate your brand new patio.  

Create Patterns

Don’t overlook the value of patterns on your patio. Before any of our patio installation services can begin, we’ll bring an initial design to you for your approval. But let’s say that after we’re done, you want to add another flourish to your new patio. That’s where patterns and geometric shapes come into play. Armchairs, rocking chairs, pillows, cushions, and even that old school bean bag chair can all be used to add some patterns.

Throw It Back

When you add the right decorations to your Baltimore patio, every day can be Throwback Thursday. Why don’t you try using an iconic metal bucket to hold wildflowers or tulips? You could even choose some other flowers to create a rainbow of colors, especially if you pick up some other spring blooms such as:

  • Daisies
  • Hyacinth
  • Zinnias
  • Poppies

Hang Out

Along with flowers and other decorative touches, you can also include some plants. Your home should be a bright and beautiful place to be. So don’t hesitate to chase away the gloom of winter by welcoming spring with some new plants on your patio, such as:

  • Boston fern
  • Kimberly Queen fern
  • Dallas fern

If you want to use the Kimberly Queen fern, then be sure to grab the right pot for it. Anytime you can find the proper container for one of these ferns they’ll be much happier for it.

Hide Away

Lastly, think about turning your patio into a hideaway with our patio installation services. Once summer in Baltimore city fully arrives, it’ll often be too sweltering to enjoy going outside. So put in enough shade, comfy furniture, and a place for snacks, and you’ve got a grand place to spend time with friends and family.

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