Landscaping Services in Highland

Highland, Maryland may not be one of the state’s largest areas, but it is one of the most dedicated. The Howard County community has barely more than 1,000 people. As a site of rural crossroads, the area is home to many historic sites, and in order to maintain them, the community came together to create an association. Highland residents are clearly proud of their town, and that pride extends to their homes as well. When the homeowners of Highland need some help maintaining the beautiful landscapes they’ve worked hard to cultivate, they contact the reliable professionals at Rhine Landscaping for landscaping services.

Tree and Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs are some of the most delicate parts of your landscape. They are living entities, and need help to grow beautifully through changing seasons. Rhine Landscaping’s certified arborists can attend to your trees, flowers, and plants to ensure that they are diagnosed and treated if ill, and pruned to perfection in preparation for the coming seasons.

Spring Cleanup

After long, tough winters, your plants, trees, and shrubs need a boost to get back to their former glory. This is the best time to have the professionals at Rhine Landscaping step up and give your old landscape a serious boost. As your plants and trees prepare to come back to live, we will make sure that they have their best chance at success. We can come out and deadhead your flowers, prune your trees and shrubs, replenish the mulch, and fertilize your flower beds and lawns. Your grass will be in need of serious care, and we can make sure that the healthy hue of green is on its way to your home in no time.

Landscape Design

If your landscape is looking a bit drab, don’t wait to get it redesigned to perfection. At Rhine Landscaping, design is our specialty, and we know that it takes more than beauty to make a yard function at its highest capacity. We take the slope, existing features, and drainage into account as we create a masterful and beautiful landscape design that you can enjoy through every season of the year.

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