Landscaping Service in Baltimore County

The third largest county in Maryland, Baltimore County is home to many different sights. From the historic Hampden to the hip Towson to the rural Hereford, Baltimore County is full of beautiful communities that cover its 682 square miles. But within these towns are the people who inhabit them. From families to young professionals, Baltimore County is full of a unique mix that makes it special. But with so much of this land to discover for yourself, who wants to spend their free time taking care of their landscaping? Let Rhine Landscaping set you free with our landscaping services!

Fall Services

As the leaves in your trees change into their true colors, it is time to think about calling Rhine Landscaping for our fall services. While leaves may look beautiful in their tree, they can become a hazard when they drop into your yard. If wet leaves come into your home, they can bring mildew and mold inside. But outside, they are also hazardous as they make walkways slippery and can make your car tires lose traction. Instead of leaving the leaves, let Rhine Landscaping remove them for you with our fall services. We will also prune your trees and shrubs to prepare them for winter and spring.

Spring and Summer Services

Then as winter slowly turns into spring, it is time to plan for the beautiful spring and summer months. As spring gets into swing, it is time to think about our landscaping services for your flowers. Our spring service includes deadheading your flowers, pruning your shrubs and trees, and spreading fresh mulch and fertilizer on your flower beds. Then as spring turns into summer, it is time to start mowing the lawn again. Rhine Landscaping will take that one step further to make sure your trees and shrubs are also doing well and making sure your lawn is perfectly green.

With Rhine Landscaping, you will be able to enjoy every season to the fullest. For more information on our landscaping services in Baltimore County, call Rhine Landscaping today!

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