Fall Landscaping Maintenance Services for Clarksville, Maryland

As fall begins its decent on the northern hemisphere, the residents of Clarksville, Maryland begin to settle into their routines of school and work. Like many other communities, life for the residents in Clarksville picks up pace and becomes hectic in the autumn months. When you finally have time off from running kids to practices and rehearsals, why would you spend the time outside doing chores? Why not let Rhine Landscaping do your chores for you?

Pruning for the Fall

Pruning your plants for the fall will allow new growth in the spring. Our specialists will come to your home and clear the dead leaves, branches, and buds from your plants so they will heal during the winter before bursting back to life in the early spring. Our landscaping specialists will remove any dead or damaged limbs from your trees and shrubs that could damage your property in the winter storms. Our crew will also deadhead your flowers and prepare them for spring growth.

Leaf Removals

While leaves were fun to jump into when you were a kid, now they involve work. If you ignore these colorful droppings, they could become hazardous to your health and your property. Leaves that are wet can become slippery and will often stain your shoes, patio, and deck. They can also ruin your lawn. Leaves can also smother your lawn, blocking out sunlight which will prevent photosynthesis. This lack of light will eventually kill your lawn, leaving dark patches of dead grass all over your lawn.

Tree Services

Our tree specialists will inspect your tree for broken limbs that could cause you and your family problems during the upcoming winter months. Broken limbs could lead to a collapsed roof, down power lines, a damaged vehicle, and other damages to your property. The Rhine Landscaping crew will remove any limbs that could cause these problems and will check to make sure all of your tree’s limbs are stable and can handle the weight of snow and ice. Our crew will also trim any branches that are near your home and could cause damage.  We will also assess and remove any overgrowth on your tree. Overgrowth could stunt the growth of your tree’s limbs and eventually kill the tree.

These fall maintenance services will help maintain your home’s landscaping and prepare them for their new spring growth. With these services, your plants and trees will be around for you to enjoy for many years to come!

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