Landscaping Design Services in Woodbine

How can you add to home value, curb appeal, and entertainment value all at once?  With a well-designed landscape, your home will be transformed into a beautiful, useful space that provides you with the amazing ability to enjoy the outdoors.  There are so many benefits of hiring landscape design services that you probably haven’t thought about; professionally installed drainage systems, trees that are pruned safely, and many hardscaping techniques that require more than a quick DIY are just a few.  At Rhine Landscaping, we work with landscape architects to achieve the best design possible.  There are so many options to choose from–and Rhine Landscaping is ready to work on your Woodbine landscape!


One of the hardest aspects of creating a brand new landscape is hardscaping.  This is pretty hard–if not impossible–to do on your own.  Patios, driveways, retaining walls and water features are just a few hardscaping elements that require contractors and a team of multiple people.  Working with Rhine Landscaping means you’re getting the best quality work; we survey your property, and consult with you extensively about budgeting, desired elements and more.  Best of all, we issue a five year guarantee for all of our hardscaping work!

3-D Design services

It’s one thing to look at a black and white blueprint to plan your landscape–usually, this doesn’t provide you with a very good idea of what’s to come.  It will only show you a flat, one-dimensional and overhead view.  The solution?  3-D design services!  Rhine Landscaping can provide you with a full, comprehensive view of the situation.  We’ll make sure you have a full understanding of what your landscape will look like before we get to work.  You have the control at Rhine Landscaping.  Your Woodbine landscape should be created exactly the way you want it.

Concept Master Plan Services

Our process heavily relies on on-site evaluation.  This allows us to create a concept master plan, detailing exactly how we’re going to be working with your landscape.  Factors such as incline and size might impact how we see the project, and we’ll create the concept master plan as closely as we can to what you asked us for.  Then, you’ll come into the office and approve the plan or make adjustments where you see fit.  Rhine Landscaping can help create the perfect landscape for your Woodbine home today!

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