Landscaping Design in Cooksville, Maryland

Located in western Howard County, Cooksville, Maryland is the perfect blend of small town life with nearby metro areas. Cooksville’s residents enjoy the best of both worlds by commuting to the big cities to work and living their small town style. But like most Americans, the residents of Cooksville don’t get to spend as much time as they would like on gardening and home improvement. Lucky for them, Rhine Landscaping has all the time in the world to improve their landscape’s design. So, what are you waiting for?

Customized Landscape Designs for Your Home

Every landscape needs the right balance and only Rhine Landscaping can provide you functionality, planning, and beauty with our landscape designs. Our landscaping experts will design your landscape around your home’s unique features. Whether you have a large porch you want to highlight or a trellis climbing the side of your home, our landscape designers will use our tips and tricks to make them stand out. With two landscaping architects and multiple landscapes designers on staff, your plants, hardscaping features, and color palettes will be carefully chosen to accent your home. We will also choose plants to help deter wildlife like deer from harming themselves or your landscaping. To help your Cooksville home stay beautiful all year round, our designers will choose flowers that bloom in every season for year-round color!

Landscape Maintenance

For some people, growing and maintaining plants seems like an impossible task. But with Rhine Landscaping on your side, you won’t have to lift a finger. We offer year-round maintenance packages for your Cooksville home. Getting your home ready for spring doesn’t have to be a gruesome process. Our dedicated team will come to your home to mulch your property and clean up your flower beds, leaving them ready for new life. So whether you need your grass trimmed, leaves raked, trees trimmed, flowers deadheaded, or flowers planted, Rhine Landscaping is here to make sure your home is perfect all year round!


Rhine Landscaping has built a reputation for excellence in Columbia and its surrounding areas and would be happy to take on your project. Contact Rhine Landscaping today to get the best help creating the landscape design of your dreams. Call 410-442-2445.