Landscape Services in Clarksville

When you’re looking for the most beautiful and expensive homes in the country, Clarksville, Maryland will definitely be on your list. The area’s 56,000 residents live in some of the nation’s most impressive homes. Houses don’t earn titles like this simply based on elegant architecture and interesting design. A beautiful home needs a beautiful landscape to match. Rhine Landscaping offers an incredible range of landscape services to keep your Clarksville home looking spectacular all year.


Spring is a time of rebirth, and after a harsh winter, your landscape will need a little bit of help. Rhine Landscaping can help prepare your gardens for new growth. We will prune your trees and shrubs, deadhead flower beds, fertilize, and replenish mulch to make way for spring. When you take advantage of our spring cleanup, our advice and hard work will ensure that you have an appealing and functional outdoor space for the upcoming summer months.


Summer is prime time for your landscape. Conditions are just right for optimal growth, and you’ll want to spend all of your time enjoying the outdoors. How can you do that when you are busy with landscape maintenance? Rhine Landscaping can take the weight off of your shoulders and ensure that your lawn, trees, and gardens look pristine all summer. We make sure your flowers, shrubs, and trees are at their healthiest and even mow your lawn.


Fallen leaves can really mar an otherwise beautiful autumn landscape, but cleaning them up can be a time consuming task. Let Rhine Landscaping do it for you! After we finish with leaf removal, we will attend to your trees and shrubs. Heavy pruning will ensure that your yard is ready for winter.


Winter can be harsh on both you and your landscape. Commercial snow removal is one of our specialties and we have a fleet of vehicles and enough salt to keep your customers and other pedestrians safe.

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