Landscape Design Services in Elkridge

Historic Elkridge, Maryland is bursting with natural beauty. From the Patapsco State Park right down to the well-kept front lawns of its residents, Elkridge takes pride in the beauty of nature. One of the best ways to enjoy the full potential of your property is to use professional landscape design services to enhance your yard’s natural beauty. Rhine Landscaping offers tailored landscape design services that will elevate the natural beauty of your yard. From landscaping to hardscaping to pools, we’re sure to provide you with the perfect design for your needs!

Personalized Landscape Design Services

Did you know that the crepe myrtle bush comes in several different varieties, ranging from only 1 foot tall to an imposing 100 feet tall? When you hire our landscape design services, we survey your property to make sure that all of the species of flowers, shrubs, and trees will be just right for the size of your yard, your soil and sunlight conditions, and the composition of your landscape design. Our designers have years of experience choosing just the right plants to coexist peacefully and beautifully. Whatever you want to achieve with your new landscape, your landscape designer is ready to help you with! Do you need a sight and sound barrier? Boxwood shrubs are lush, full, and easy to shape. Do you need blazes of eye-catching color around your home? Our landscape designers know just how to balance color with seasonal blooming times. We’re here to work with you to make your home an asset to the natural beauty that is abundant in Elkridge. No towering and intimidating crepe myrtle bushes here! We ensure that every plant that is installed in your landscape is the perfect size, shape, color, and composition for your needs.

Landscape Maintenance Any Time of Year

Do you know how to deadhead a daylily? Or when to plant bulbs? Or how to identify diseases and infestations? Maintaining a landscape requires a surprising amount of prerequisite knowledge, time, and energy. Hiring Rhine Landscaping to maintain your Elkridge landscape is a great way to protect your investment and ensure that your landscape is always looking its best. And no matter what time of year, we’ll be ready to finely groom your landscape for the present as well as plan ahead for upcoming seasons.

Our landscapers can offer specialized tree and shrub care all year long, so you’ll know if your trees or shrubs have diseases or infestations before they spread to other trees and shrubs or kill your existing trees and shrubs. We also offer lawn care and mowing to keep your yard looking neat and well-kept. During the winter, we offer commercial snow removal, so you won’t have to worry about the difficult process of carefully removing snow while maintaining the existing asphalt and transporting the snow to out-of-the-way areas. Finally, we’re here for you during the spring to prune your flowering and fruit trees for optimal aesthetic effect, clear up dead vegetation leftover from winter, and plant spring flowers that will make your garden pop! With Rhine Landscaping in charge, you can kick back and relax, knowing that your beautiful landscape is in good hands all year long.

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