Grading and Drainage Services in Highland, MD

Often referred to as “the crossroads,” Highland, Maryland is the point where route 108 and 216 intersect. This town is an ideal location for families who commute to the surrounding cities of Columbia, Ellicott City, and Washington, DC for work. But being in an ideal location doesn’t always mean everything about your home is ideal. Many homes in the area could be experiencing water damage from lack of grading and drains around their property. So how do you fix these problems? With a call to Rhine Landscaping!

Grading Services

A proper grading and drainage system is a must for your home. Without these systems in place your home could have a failed driveway, standing water, flooding, and structural damage. Flooding could also lead to damage to your property and it could kill your landscaping. By sloping your property away from your home, your basement will be flood-free and safe from water damage.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are also an important part of keeping your Highland home dry and safe from potential water damage. Drains are used to collect water from your catch basins and downspouts before the water is carried away. The collected water is transported by a series of smaller drains and collected into a larger pipe so it can be routed away from your home. These drains are placed underground so they are out of sight. Our on-staff designers will work with you to design the best system for your home. You will be able to choose a network of French drains, drain boxes, and channel drains to keep your home dry. These drains will carry your water and worries away from your home. Call Rhine Landscaping for your drainage and grading services today!


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