French Drains Installation in Mt. Airy

After years of working hard, you have finally gotten your dream home in Mt. Airy. But your home could become dangerous if it is suffering from a wet basement. Water ending your home can lead to mold, mildew, and even property damage. So why not protect your home with a French drain installation from Rhine Landscaping?

How French Drains Work

A French drain is made up of a gravel-filled trench with a slotted pipe on top. These elements work together to transport surface and ground water away from your home to a specified area of your property. These drains are typically found near the foundation of a home in order to prevent basement flooding and to keep water from damaged your foundation. French drains direct the water toward the lowest part of your property using the grading around your home for leverage. Unlike other drains, French drains have a perforated pipe, which allows it to collect water along its entire length instead of only at the top of the pipe. French drains help prevent water from pooling around your home and causing property damage.

French Drain Installations

The first step to a French drain installation is to determine the placement of your drain. When working with our on-staff drain designers, we will help you choose the right location for your new drain and to make sure your home is properly graded for your drain. Our staff will also check with local codes and to check your property for electrical and water lines that could prevent our installation. If everything checks out, we will begin excavating your property and put the French drain into place. Once it is installed, we will fill the drain with gravel and cover it with topsoil and sod to help the area blend in with the rest of your property. Your new French drain will keep your property safe and dry throughout the year!


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