French Drain Installation in Sykesville

As the thunder rumbles outside, you may be wondering if you’ll find water in your basement in the morning. Basement flooding can turn a quick thunderstorm into a larger problem. Water damage can quickly turn from a soaked room into a mold infestation. But with Rhine Landscaping, your Sykesville home will be protected with a French drain installation.

What is a French Drain?

A French drain is a gravel-filled trench with a slotted pipe over it. Used to redirect the surface and ground water, these pipes transport the water away from your home and empty it at a specified location where it won’t harm your home. These drains are typically used around your home’s foundation to help keep the water from flooding your basement and damaging your foundation. French drains use grading to direct the water to the lowest part of your property. Unlike other drains, French drains use a perforated pipe to catch the water throughout its length instead of just collecting it at the opening. These drains work to prevent flooding and standing water from pooling around your property causing saturation and damaged your landscaping.

French Drain Installation

The first step to any French drain installation is to determine the best location for the drain. When working with our on-staff designers, we will help you decide where to place your new drains for maximum efficiency. Our designers will make sure your property is properly graded so your drain is able to catch as much water as possible. We will also make sure your drain is at the proper depth and there is nothing underground in the vicinity like electrical lines and water pipes. Once we have checked your local codes and everything checks out, we will begin excavation and put the French drain in place. Once the drain is set up, we will fill it with gravel, fill the trench with gravel, and cover it with sod to make sure it blends in with the surrounding property. With a new French drain, your home will stay dry and safe from mold!


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