French Drain Installation in Columbia

When it comes to protecting your Columbia home, you should always try a proactive approach. From protecting your fence from pests to protecting your basement from flooding, being proactive is extremely important. So when you start to notice puddles outside of your home, it is time to think about a French drain installation.

How Do French Drains Work?

While a French drain is a simple system, it actually works to protect your home around the clock by removed the water. A French drain is a gravel-filled trench with a slotted pipe. This pipe allows water to move from your home to a safe area. Typically placed near your home, this drain helps to prevent flooding and water from seeping into your foundation. French drains help to prevent water from collecting around your home and saturating the ground by moving them to a specific area of your property where it can’t do any damage. These drains will work to remove the surface water toward the lowest portion of your property so it doesn’t cause any lasting damage. Unlike other drains, French drains collect water throughout its entire length instead of just at the ends.

French Drain Installation

The first step of a French drain installation is to determine the best location. Our on-staff drainage system designers will help you choose the right spot for your new drain. They will also ensure your drains are placed at the correct angle and depth so it collects the transports the most water possible. Our designers will also take care of checking the codes and with local services to ensure no electrical or water lines will be in the way of your installation. Once everything checks out, we will begin excavation and install your French drains. Once it is in place, we will fill the trench with gravel to keep your drain safe before covering it with topsoil and new sod. With Rhine Landscaping on your side, your home will stay safe and dry all year long!


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