Fall Landscaping Maintenance Services in Highland, Maryland

Nestled in southern Howard County is the small community of Highland, Maryland. This town of nearly 1,034 residents is given easy access to the bright lights of Washington, DC as well as the shopping and dining experiences of Columbia. With so much opportunity for fun and frolic, why spend your free time attached to your rake? With Rhine Landscaping’s fall landscaping maintenance services, you won’t have to!

Gearing up for Spring

Pruning your plants before winter rolls into the area will allow your prune wounds to heal before spring moves in. This process allows for new growth to come back with renewed vigor. Our plant specialists will come to your home and clear away dead leaves, branches and dead buds from your shrubs and flowers that could prevent new growth from forming in the early spring.

Tree Trimming Services

Taking care of your trees is also an essential part of your fall landscaping maintenance routine. Removing dead or damaged limbs from your trees will help remove any potential hazards that could potentially damage your property during the harsh winter months. The Rhine Landscaping crew will work with our on-staff ISA Certified Arborist to ensure your tree will survive the winter. We will inspect your trees for possible dangers as well as help you restore your tree to perfect health if needed. After our thorough inspection, we will prune your tree and get them ready for the winter months ahead.

Leaf Removal

Leaves are beautiful, but they can also cause hidden dangers no one thinks about until it is too late. When leaves become wet after a fall rainstorm, they can cause stains on your patio, deck, and sidewalk. These wet leaves can also become extremely slippery causing falls and even car accidents. Leaves can also hurt your lawn. Those brown patches you see every year are not from your dog. They are actually parts of your lawn being smothered by fallen leaves. Leaves will block out the sunlight, leaving your grass without the light to perform photosynthesis. As the grass dies, it forms brown patches that will need to be replanted next spring. But with Rhine Landscaping, your lawn will stay the same lush green in every spot. Our trucks are equipped with large vacuums to suck up fallen leaves and to remove them from your lawn, deck, and sidewalks.

Don’t let your fall landscaping maintenance routine your free time. Let Rhine Landscaping help you win back your free time and a perfect lawn!

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