Fall Landscaping Clean Up in Ellicott City, Maryland

Home to nearly 65,000 residents, the town of Ellicott City, Maryland has been celebrated as one of Maryland’s most interesting towns. This historic town is filled with unique shops, suburban houses, and yearly festivities to celebrate the seasonal holidays. When the eyes of tourists and business owners are always looking at your home, it is always good to keep your yard looking its best. But how do you keep your yard looking picture perfect during the autumn? By hiring Rhine Landscaping to clean up your yard!

Fall Pruning

Caring for your trees, shrubs, and flowers is an important part of keeping your yard picture perfect. Pruning your trees and shrubs before winter will give the wounds a chance to heal before they start to grow in the spring. Pruning your plants and trees will allow new growth to bloom in the spring. At Rhine Landscaping, our professional landscapers and our ISA certified arborist will prune your plants to help minimize the chance of falling limbs that could be brought down by the winter storms. Our pruning services will also help renew their growth in the spring, making your plants come back healthy and stronger than before. With regular maintenance, your plants will be around for you to enjoy for many years to come!

Leaf Removal Services

The best part of the fall season is being able to enjoy the sight of the leaves changing colors in your yard. But that beauty comes with a price: the chore of raking them. While leaves were fun to jump into when you were a kid, now they involve work. If you ignore these colorful droppings, they could become hazardous to your health and your property. Wet leaves can become slippery, causing accidents on foot and in cars. These wet leaves can also stain your shoes, patio, and deck with their fall colors. If leaves are not removed from your lawn, they can actually smother the lawn by blocking out the sunlight. By blocking out sunlight, it cuts off photosynthesis, which your lawn needs to live. The dead grass will form dark patches all over your lawn.

With your landscaping services, your yard will look perfect all year round! For more information on our fall landscaping clean up services for your Ellicott City home, call Rhine Landscaping today!

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