Fall Landscaping Clean Up in Columbia, Maryland

Consistently on the nation’s nicest places to live, the suburb of Columbia, Maryland has a lot to offer its residents. From shopping to the live concerts, Columbia always has plenty to do and celebrate. During fall months, there is plenty to do and celebrate, so why should you stay at home cleaning up your yard? Well, with Rhine Landscaping, you don’t have to!

Leaf Removal

When you think of leaves changing color in the autumn, one thing that doesn’t come to mind is the work involved. Leaves work for three seasons growing and developing their true colors only to change and fall from their tree. But there is also the work you have to put into them: raking. Raking leaves can not only be strenuous on your body, but it can also be a messy job. And if it is ignored for too long, the leaves begin to pile up and can kill your lawn. Leaves can block out the sunlight from your grass underneath them, essentially killing your beautiful, plush lawn. With Rhine Landscaping, you won’t have to do more than dial a phone. Our trucks are equipped with a vacuum that comes to your home and removes the leaves from your property with suction. Not only is this the quickest way to remove the leaves from your lawn, but it will keep your lawn from dying.

Pruning for Fall

Caring for your trees and shrubs is an essential part of your fall landscaping routine. Pruning your shrubs and trees before winter will give the prune wounds a change to heal before spring sets in. This process will allow new growth to form in the spring. Removing dead or damaged limbs from deciduous, evergreen, and fruit trees will also help remove any potential hazards that could cause property damage during winter storms. Rhine Landscaping’s professional landscapers will prune your trees and shrubs to minimize falling limbs during snowstorms and to renew their growth in the spring.

Our fall landscaping clean up services will help you enjoy all the fall events Columbia has to offer. And with our maintenance services, your trees will continue to shade your home for many years to come!

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