Fall Landscape Maintenance Services in Columbia, Maryland

Rated as one of the nation’s nicest places to live, Columbia, Maryland combines the suburban atmosphere with the urban amenities of shopping malls, concert venues, and fine dining restaurants. With plenty to see and do during the cool fall months, don’t spend your evenings or weekends stuck to your rake. Let Rhine Landscaping help you maintain your yard with our Fall Landscaping Maintenance Services!

Tree Trimming Services

Taking care of your trees is an essential part of your fall landscaping routine. Removing dead or damaged limbs from your deciduous, evergreen, and fruit trees will help remove any potential hazards that could pose a threat to your property during the winter storms. Rhine Landscaping employs an ISA Certified Arborist on our staff to inspect your trees for possible dangers as well as give you advice on tree care. After a thorough inspection, your tree will be pruned and ready for the winter months.

Pruning for Fall

Pruning your plants before winter allows the prune wounds to heal before spring sets in. This process allows for new growth to form in the spring months. Our plant specialists will come to your home and clear away dead leaves, branches, and buds from your shrubs and flowers that could prevent new growth from forming in the spring.

Removing Leaves

While falling leaves are beautiful, they can also have hidden dangers no one thinks about until it is too late. When leaves become wet in the fall rain storms, they can stain your patio, deck, and sidewalks. Wet leaves can also become extremely slippery and cause accidents. Have you ever noticed brown spots on your lawn after leaves have been removed? That is because fallen leaves can smother your lawn. This happens when leaves block out sunlight, stopping the grass from using the sun for photosynthesis. As the grass dies, it forms brown patches on your lawn that need to be replanted. But with Rhine Landscaping’s trucks, you won’t need to replant your grass or slip on leaves again. Our trucks are equipped with a large vacuum that sucks up and removed the dead leaves from your lawn, deck, and sidewalks, saving you time and saving your aesthetic appeal.

Don’t spend your fall doing chores; let our landscaping specialists’ help you spend your time doing something fun! Let Rhine Landscaping handle the work while you enjoy everything Columbia, Maryland has to offer! For more information on our Fall Landscaping Maintenance Services, call Rhine Landscaping today!

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